Colonial Heritage with Katie & Nick


Katie & Nick’s Love Story


How does a young girl who started out in New Jersey and a young boy who started out in Florida meet? At a Drake Concert, of course.  June…2012.

Katie thought that Nick was really cute and personable.  She also thought that he was very outgoing and had high self-esteem.

And…he was kind of funny and he wasn’t afraid to be the center of attention, which she loved.

Nick thought….. “Daaaaaaammmmmm”

Their first few months as friends, they didn’t actually go on a date.

As true millennials, they texted and Skyped .  Of course, this was necessary since she was at ODU, and he was at Penn State.

Their first “actual” date was to the romantic establishment known as “Cheeseburger in Paradise”.

Shortly after this “first date”, Nick drove to visit Katie at ODU, and when he showed up…he had roses….then he kissed her for the first time.

Katie fell in love first…. But it was Nick who actually SAID it first.

Fast forward to New Year’s Eve, 2016.  They were at Katie’s parents “Now Famous” New Year’s Eve Party!

Nick said a “late” present had been sent to his parent’s home and they had to go out to the pool house to get it…

Then Nick started telling Katie how much he loved her and how he couldn’t picture a life without her….then he got down on one knee and proposed.

When they went back inside, everyone already knew what was happening, and the celebration began!!!!

And now in front of family and friends, it is time for another first….their first dance as husband and wife.

Formal Dances

First Dance: Katie will dance with husband, Nick
Music:  “My Best Friend” by Tim McGraw

Father/Daughter Dance:  Katie will dance with her father, Jim
Music:  “I Loved Her First” by Heartland (special edit)

Mother/Son Dance : Nick will dance with his mother, Damaris.
Music:  “Mother Like Mine,” by The Band Perry


Music Requests

LINE DANCES – Electric Slide, etc.

Sweet Caroline

Living on a prayer

Don’t stop believing

Sugar, were going down

Bohemian rhapsody- queen

Some 90s music- backstreet boys, spice girls, nsync J

I wanna dance with sombody- whitney houston

Shape of you ed sheeran

Uptown funk

Cant stop the feeling justin timberlake

Back dat ass up

Anything contemporary, ed sheeran, bruno mars,  taylor swift, justin timberlake, lady gaga






Dover Hall Wedding with Nick & Nora

Dover Hall Weddings in Richmond, VA

Amazing Richmond Videographers

I absolutely loved working with We Are The Mitchells during Nick and Nora’s celebration at Dover Hall in Richmond Virginia.  They were so pleasant and easy-going and their skill is amazing!!!  If you’re thinking about videography for your wedding, DO IT!!!!  You won’t regret it!!!

Nora + Nick from We Are The Mitchells on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for Richmond Wedding DJs, check out this recent wedding at Dover Hall, a private estate located near Richmond, Virginia.

This English Tudor estate and its grounds are more than just a stunning setting. Dover Hall was built to be the perfect place for special occasions, run by a team of professionals who hold service to a higher standard.

Dover Hall combines the grandeur of days past with modern conveniences, providing unforgettable experiences.

The estate’s 33,000 square feet command a majestic view of 55 acres of rolling hills and woodlands. Inside, over 30 rooms—including a two-story ballroom, solarium, library, and bridal wing—invite guests to live luxuriously and leave the details to the attentive staff. A treasure trove of classical art and elegant antiques, Dover Hall is a perfect setting for events of all kinds.

First Dance:  Richmond Wedding DJs 

Dancing:  Richmond Wedding DJs 

Dancing at Greek Wedding in Richmond VA

Fun Wedding Receptions

Can’t Stop The Feeling – Ladies Dance

Nick & Nora’s Love Story at Dover Hall in Richmond VA

How does a super-nerdy girl from Connecticut meet a baseball-playing boy from Virginia?
They met in genetics class, and as you can see…it was chemistry.

Nick thought Nora was Hot…..

Nora thought Nick was “Hot”….

And Nora thought to herself…Hot and a nerd….win – win!!!!  So… it was Nora who made the first move and introduced herself to Nick.

Their first date was “Netflix and chill”…before the phrase was coined….and they watched “Crazy Stupid Love”. And their first fine dining experience was at Denny’s because the only restaurant open after 8pm on a Sunday is Denny’s.

And….Sad but true…..Their first kiss was while watching a movie…. in a nasty, dirty, college apartment…. On a futon…
(Everything Nora had ever dreamed of)

It was Nora who said “I love you” first…. Because Nick likes to take things slow.

Except for the engagement. Once he got the ring, which was purchased at the same store that his dad bought his mom’s ring….. he couldn’t help himself and proposed much earlier than he thought he would.

And he did it up right… at her parent’s river house…..candles… flowers… champagne.. wine …. Dinner and a cake from her favorite bakery.

Clearly…. The answer was YES.

I asked Nora why Nick was the perfect guy for her and she said ….

“He’s the perfect guy for me for many reasons. He makes me a better person. We always have so much fun together. We have the same sense of humor and similar interests so are on the same page when deciding what to do. At this point he knows the reasons I do things without me even saying so. He’s my #1 fan, and supports me in every way. Medical school isn’t easy in the leastbit, but we make it through with the help of each other.”

I asked Nick the same thing and he said….

“Nora is perfect for me for a lot of different reasons, but probably the most important isthat she puts up with my antics.
I’m definitely a pain in the ass, but she loves me anyway.
She’s smarter than me, she’s pretty, and makes me want to be better for her.
We share the same passions in life and I can’t wait to continue find my way with her.
And now… after waiting for three years ( and getting through medical school)
It’s time for another first… their first dance as husband and wife.”


First Dance: Nick and Nora will share their first dance as husband and wife
Music: “La Vie En Rose” by Daniela Andrade

Father/Daughter Dance: Nora will dance with her father, Michael.
Music: “It Won’t Be Like This for Long” by Darius Rucker

Mother /Son Dance: Nick will dance with his mother, Susan.
Music: “Don’t Blink” by Kenny Chesney


Liz congratulating Nick & Nora on their wedding day!



Ford’s Colony Wedding Reception with Elizabeth & Dennis

Ford’s Colony Wedding Reception with Elizabeth & Dennis


Congratulations to Dennis & Elizabeth!!!!


Wedding Ceremony at Ford’s Colony from Elisabeth Daley on Vimeo.


Elizabeth and Dennis planned their destination wedding at Ford’s Colony in Williamsburg, Virginia all the way from Florida.  Thanks to the amazing hands-on service by Private Events Director, Shay Rybin and her Banquet Captain Jennifer, and all the wedding professionals involved…the wedding was practically flawless!

Check Out These Video Clips:

Enjoy these video clips of a real wedding in Williamsburg VA at Ford’s Colony.  The wedding recessional, great Aunt Sue dancing to “Celebration”, “Apache” and of course, “Uptown Funk”!  Lots of fun by everyone!

“Uptown Funk” – starring everyone!

Ford’s Colony Wedding Reception from Elisabeth Daley on Vimeo.



Dancing at Ford’s Colony Wedding from Elisabeth Daley on Vimeo.


“Celebration” featuring Great Aunt Sue!

Family Friendly Wedding Reception from Elisabeth Daley on Vimeo.


“Apache” – starring the usual suspects!

Wedding Reception at Ford’s Colony from Elisabeth Daley on Vimeo.


Always Have A Rain Plan

The original plan was to have the ceremony outside by the pond, but 24  hours before the wedding the forecast was very iffy to say the least. Because of this, the decision was made to go with the rain plan and have the ceremony inside the dining room.  It’s a good thing, because during the time of the ceremony it was raining buckets outside.

Special Dances

First Dance:  “At Last” by Etta James
Father/Daughter Dance:  “I Loved Her First” by Heartland
Groom/Sister Dance:  “Because You Loved Me” by Celine Dion

Love Story

How does a girl from Fredericksburg, Virginia who is the oldest of 6, meet a boy from Philadelphia who is the baby of 7? Naturally, they meet in Naples, Florida! They had their first date on April 22, 2014 at Miller’s ale House. And even though it was love at first sight…they didn’t get engaged until about a year and a half later.

And before they could get engaged….Dennis had to muster up the nerve to call Elizabeth’s parents and ask for their blessing.

Which they granted.

So…in their apartment, with their only witness being their fur baby, Franklin….who is a miniature schnauzer….Dennis popped the question on November 14, 2015.

These two truly compliment each other…Dennis is neat and tidy…while Elizabeth admits that she is a little messy and unorganized. Elizabeth knows lots of random useless trivia facts…while Dennis has street smarts and common sense. She is emotional, boisterous and loud while Dennis is calm and more reserved.

But at the end of the day, they balance each other out, and bring out the best in each other…unless, of course… they begin debating whose sports teams are the best.

He loves the Philadelphia Eagles…and her heart is with the Washington Redskins.

Dennis loves the Phillies and Elizabeth is a die-hard Yankees fan.

Of course, they both agree on their mutual love of the Penn State Nittany Lions.

They love good food and laughter, and now on the three year anniversary of their first date…in front of their family and friends…they are beginning a new chapter in their lives….and now it’s time for their first dance as husband and wife

Wedding Professionals

Wedding Venue:  Ford’s Colony – Private Event Director:  Shay Rybin
DJ & Coordinator:  Liz Daley Events
Photographer:  Deborah Fox & Pat Wilson
Cake:  Cindy’s Cakery
Harpist:  Diana Dunnavant
Flowers:  Arlene at Morrison’s
Ceremony Chairs:  Williamsburg Event Rentals


Williamsburg Winery Opens New Wedding Facility

Williamsburg Winery Opens New Wedding Facility

As we begin the 2017, wedding season here in Williamsburg, Liz Daley Events had the pleasure of working with Courtney Schultz who is the new Event Coordinator at The Williamsburg Winery.  Over the winter many changes took place, one of the biggest being the transformation of the former storage barn to the new event space, Westbury Hall.

New Wedding Venue at The Williamsburg Winery’s Westbury Hall

The new event space at The Williamsburg Winery is certainly something to behold. It’s very grand, as you can see, and much roomier than the cozy Susan Constant Room.


Beautiful New Amenities include separate Dressing Rooms for the Wedding Party

Above the new event space is the Bridal Suite, a private dressing and bathroom area for the bride and her bridesmaids.  It also has an in-house sound system and iPod connection so the bride and her ladies can enjoy music while they are preparing for the festivities.  They can also look out over the parking lot to see guests as they arrive.  Across the building, facing the Wessex Lawn, is the White Horse boardroom where the gentlemen can relax until its time to start.  Thanks to superb design, the bride and groom can avoid seeing one another prior to the ceremony.

Cocktail Area or Indoor Ceremony Area




The Williamsburg Winery, Wessex Hall Provides Elegant Winter Wedding Venue

Although the weather is usually pretty pleasant here in Williamsburg, we do have a few cold months. And sometimes it rains, making an outdoor ceremony rather unpleasant. That’s why Wessex Hall is the perfect ceremony location. It’s especially gorgeous when they hang the bistro lights.  It’s understated and elegant!


Rustic Elegance in Wessex Hall

Again, thanks to great design, following an indoor ceremony in Wessex Hall, guests will be invited into Westbury Hall for cocktails while Wessex is quickly transformed so the celebration can continue. The venue staff, along with your wedding planner, florist, cake baker and DJ work together effortlessly to make the “turnover” absolutely seamless. Below you can see Eric and Ashley sneaking a peak at the ballroom prior to the Grand Introductions as their photographers from Grain and Compass capture detail shots as final touches are done to the very large head table in the middle of the room courtesy of Jacob Howe, floral designer from The Flower Cupboard.


Williamsburg Winery Weddings with Ashley & Eric

Photo Booth at Williamsburg Winery

Photo Booths continue to be one of the highlights of many wedding receptions.  And again, thanks to the superb design at The Williamsburg Winery, you can have a Photo Booth near the dining room in the adjacent terrace.  This creates a fun activity area, seen below with Williamsburg  Photo Booth, that isn’t on top of guests as they enjoy their meal.


Photo Booth in Wiliamsburg VA

Wedding Venue provides New Food Prep Space and In-House Chef 

In the past, couples had to rely upon outside catering for their weddings at The Williamsburg Winery.  Now, with the renovations complete, they have added a full food prep space adjacent to Westbury Hall that allows everything, including catering, to be “in-house” thereby promising  a fantastic culinary experience to add to the rustic charm of a winery wedding.


Wedmore Place

After celebrating your wedding, it’s time to retire to your suite at the Wedmore Place, where all the rooms are appointed with European grandeur!  It will be the icing on the cake.



Plan your next wedding or corporate event:

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