Renaissance Wedding in Virginia Beach

Renaissance Wedding in Virginia Beach

Liz and Cujo’s Renaissance Wedding

Liz & Cujo got married at the Grand Affairs in Virginia Beach in a Renaissance Themed Wedding Ceremony and Reception!  The wedding was Halloween Weekend and everyone showed up in costume…including me.

Renaissance Theme Wedding Celebration




The Coolest Wedding Vows EVER, Renaissance Style!!!!

The Sword

 Lady Elizabeth, you are the most gracious and lovely one that Lord Casey has ever seen, for he understands the essence of thy true self. The beauty which radiates around thee can only be rivaled by the beauty which radiates from within thee. The pledge of his sword is a pledge of his soul. It is his prowess, his fire, his passion, his strength and courage. It is his ability to protect, defend and care for thee. With the strength of his blade and the endurance of its steel to represent what is in his heart, take from him now, as his beloved, the ring that rests upon it, and choose him to be your own.

The Chalice

Lord Casey, in the eyes of this woman thou art the only man in the world. Yours is the voice of sound reason and unwavering support. You are the spark to the bonfire of her passions and yours are the arms in which she wouldst lay down to rest. The pledge of her chalice is the pledge of all that is within her. Her felicity and devotion. The place in her heart where two souls can be sheltered and nourished, that they may grow together, ever closer, and flourish as the leaves on the trees and the fruits of the vine. As the depth and bounty of her chalice foretell the richness of your future together, take from her now the band that lies within, and do choose her as thy own.

Unity Candle

 Elizabeth and Casey, together as you light this candle of unity, you symbolize the flame of your own individual selves joining to ignite the partnership of marriage.

The Kiss

Click Here to see a Copy of the Complete Vows…Renaissance Style!

Crazy Cake Cutting…with a  Guillotine!!!






Renaissance Wedding