What will I wear?

Have you ever received a wedding invitation that left you completely questioning what will I wear? Maybe the request for specific attendee attire is printed in a few words on the invitation, or maybe the formality of the event is socially implied via venue, location, or time of day.

Regardless, between black tie optional, semi-formal, casual and so forth, the language of wedding dress codes can feel impossible to decode. Preparing that perfectly polished outfit to have you confident enough for the dance floor while enhancing the overall style of the event is crucial for a memorable party. Weddings are photography havens; from wedding day hashtags to professional pictures and photo booths, you will surely end up in the background of several images. You’ll feel your best, knowing that you look your best.

 Our friends at T.M.Lewin, the fine London-based tailors have created a savvy style guide to help all wedding attendees navigate what to wear for the upcoming season of special occasions. Whether you’re only on the guestlist or even preparing a toast, these helpful style tips will have you appropriately prepared no matter how formal or casual the event might be. Historically, the T.M.Lewin company is well known for their timeless innovations to the coat-shirt, better recognized today as the button-down shirt or button front dress shirt. It is no question that this classic garment has become a wardrobe standard in wedding culture. Today, the historic British tailors at T.M.Lewin continue to lend their generations worth of dress code wisdom to have you styled to impress.

So ladies, if you’re like me and your job is to dress your husband or boyfriend, you should check out T.M. Lewin.  They have great prices and extraordinary craftsmanship! You and your partner will look like a million bucks!